What should I do if my hearing suddenly disappears?

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Hearing loss affects the lives and health of tens of thousands of Chinese people, even going far beyond the impact of communication barriers on people. Therefore, we often think about: after hearing loss, especially sensorineural hearing loss, is there a way to quickly and easily restore normal hearing levels?

What should I do if my hearing suddenly disappears?
If the hearing in the ear suddenly disappears, it is a typical case of sudden deafness. It is recommended to go to the otolaryngology department of the hospital in time and do a hearing test first to clarify the current hearing situation. With timely application of drugs that nourish the nerves and improve blood circulation in the inner ear, as well as combined with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hearing can be restored.

Most hearing loss that occurs suddenly within 72 hours can be restored through treatment. However, if you are afraid of hiding the disease and avoiding medical treatment, you may miss the best treatment period, and you may have to wear a hearing aid to deal with it. Hearing compensates.

The cause of sudden deafness itself is unknown. Both local and systemic factors can cause sudden deafness, and only 10%-15% of patients can identify the cause during the onset. It is generally believed that mental stress, high pressure, mood swings, irregular life, sleep disorders, etc. are the main causes.

Common causes include:
1. Vascular diseases. The labyrinthine artery is the main artery supplying blood to the inner ear, and it is the only blood supply artery. Intra-arterial thrombosis, bleeding or vasospasm may cause sudden deafness.
2. Infection. According to clinical observations, many patients had a history of colds before the onset of the disease, and many viruses are also related to sudden deafness.
3. Tumor. About 10% of patients with auditory nerve tumors will go to the hospital with idiopathic deafness as the main symptom. The tumor may compress the cochlear nerve or its supplying artery, which may cause sudden deafness.
4. Drug factors. Aminoglycoside antibiotics such as gentamicin and streptomycin, diuretics, anti-tumor drugs, and some harmful gases can cause sudden deafness.

5. Congenital developmental abnormalities can also cause sudden deafness.

The first symptom of most patients with sudden deafness is sudden hearing loss, but depending on the degree and frequency of hearing loss, not everyone feels hearing loss. About 90% of patients will experience tinnitus, which is mainly characterized by higher-pitched tinnitus on one or both sides, and hearing loss occurs simultaneously or successively. Some patients may also experience vertigo or dizziness, hyperacusis or hard of hearing, abnormal ear sensation, and mental symptoms.

Prevention of sudden deafness is more important than treatment. It is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects
1. Prevent colds. Some patients with sudden deafness may be indirectly related to colds, so preventing colds can reduce one of the disease factors. , pay attention to keep warm and avoid sudden cold and hot environments.
2. Be careful not to overwork yourself. Make sure you have time for your daily life, eat a certain amount, relax and take some time to enjoy a "slow life"
3. Have regular physical examinations to eliminate hidden dangers. Deafness may also beDiseases in other parts of the body, such as diabetes and hypothyroidism, may be potential killers.
4. Try to use over-ear headphones. If you continue to use headphones, you should control the volume. It is best not to listen to music continuously for more than an hour at a time, and then let your ears rest completely. Never wear headphones when sleeping, otherwise if you accidentally fall asleep, the damage to your ears will be significantly increased.

5. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol and live a plain life. There are times of daily life and a limited diet. Eat less cheese and drink less coffee and hard alcohol, which can help reduce and prevent ear diseases.

All in all, sudden deafness is a disease that requires correct understanding, early medical treatment, and active treatment to restore our ears to health so that we can listen to nature and society healthily. of beauty.