Otitis media has caused hearing loss. Is there any good way to improve hearing?

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The incidence of otitis media is gradually showing a trend of getting younger. Generally speaking, the younger the age of onset, the more likely hearing loss will occur. In many cases, hearing loss is irreversible, so timely intervention is needed at an early stage. A large number of studies have shown that about 80% of children have suffered from secretory otitis media, most of which develop between 6 months and 4 years old. 50% of children develop the disease at 1 year old and under, and 60% develop under 2 years of age. , some children can recover on their own within 3 months, but only 30-40% of children will have recurrent secretory otitis media, and 5-10% of children will have symptoms that last for more than a year.

Otitis media has caused hearing loss. Is there any good way to improve hearing?

Generally speaking, hearing damage caused by otitis media can be recovered by timely treatment of inflammation in most cases, but the degree of recovery varies from person to person. If there is irreversible hearing loss, you will need to wear a hearing aid.

The biggest harm caused by otitis media to people is hearing loss. Otitis media is also regarded as the main prevention and treatment disease of deafness, and it is also an important disease in the national prevention and treatment of deafness. When hearing loss occurs, the main treatment is based on the different degrees of decline, including the causes of different damaged parts of the middle ear.
1. For relatively mild hearing loss, which is manifested by perforation of the tympanic membrane and sequelae of otitis media, appropriate treatment can be selected Timing, during the non-suppurative period, it is best to perform tympanoplasty during the intervention period to restore the normal structure of the middle ear, thereby improving hearing loss;

2. For more severe otitis media, such as damage to the ossicles, Tympanoplasty can be performed to reconstruct the middle ear ossicular chain.

Generally speaking, otitis media causes hearing loss. The most effective treatment is surgical exploration, and the earlier it is, the better the curative effect will be, and the later the lesion will be formed. If the hearing loss is severe, the relative efficacy is not as good as early and timely treatment.

Patients with hearing loss in the right ear after otitis media must clearly understand the cause of the disease during treatment, and then carry out relevant treatment according to the specific cause. In addition, patients with otitis media must pay attention to ear hygiene. They should also pay attention to a light diet, avoid spicy and irritating foods, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t stay in noisy places for too long, because the louder the noise and the longer the exposure, the greater the risk of hearing loss.The heavier it gets.

If you have otitis media, you must treat it early and standardize it. Don't delay going to see a doctor, so as not to delay the healing and affect your hearing, which will bring trouble and difficulty to your life.