Can you hear it, but can’t hear it clearly? Is this true of you?

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"I often feel that other people's speech is unclear, and I can hear the sound, but cannot understand the meaning, especially when I am on the phone or in a noisy environment." Others always think that he "pretends to be confused while pretending to understand, and cannot explain himself. Very troubled by this.

Can you hear it, but can’t understand it clearly? Is this true of you?
You must first check the hearing condition of your ears to see if there is any decline in hearing. Most people with hearing loss will have trouble hearing sounds clearly, because sounds are divided into low frequencies, medium frequencies, and high frequencies. If you can't hear clearly, it's mostly due to defects in the mid-frequency and high-frequency. You can go to the fitting center to find out. You can get a free hearing test, and you can try the machine to feel the effect of the hearing aid.

Many patients with hearing loss often have this situation. They can hear the sound but cannot hear the content clearly. This is because hearing loss occurs differently at different frequencies. Generally speaking, the low frequency part allows us to hear sounds, but the hearing of mid-to-high frequencies is related to whether we can hear the content or meaning of the speech clearly.

When it comes to listening, what we think of most is the tympanic membrane (eardrum). Doctors have also discussed many times the levels of the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. In fact, listening is done by the entire auditory system. In addition to the external ear, middle ear, and inner ear, it also includes the auditory nerve, auditory channels, and cortical hearing areas. We call the latter two together the auditory center.

Why can I hear but not hear clearly

1. Sensorineural deafness
Sensorineural deafness originates from the inner ear Lesions cause the phenomenon of "hearing but not hearing clearly". Usually, patients with sensorineural hearing loss have a certain degree of loss in resolution ability. Compared with people with normal hearing, there is not only a reduced sensitivity to volume, but also frequency distortion (reduced frequency resolution). .

2. Central deafness caused by central dysfunction

Typical patients with central deafness can hear the sound of a pin falling on the ground, but have difficulty distinguishing two different sounds. difference. The auditory discrimination ability is to distinguish sounds, especially speech, which is very important to us. If you cannot hear the difference between different sounds at all, of course you will not be able to distinguish their meanings, and language and language communication will become useless.There are so many practical implications.

It is recommended that once hearing loss is discovered, timely intervention and wearing appropriate Hearing Aids can reduce the impact of hearing loss on our speech recognition ability. However, currently in China The current situation of hearing rehabilitation is not optimistic. Many patients with mild to moderate hearing loss believe that their current daily communication will not be greatly affected. It will not be too late to wear hearing aids to compensate for their hearing loss in the future. This idea is It's very wrong. As time goes by, the degree of hearing loss may not change, but the speech recognition ability must gradually decline. When it declines to the point that it affects normal communication, it is not an easy problem to recover. Even if Even if you wear a suitable hearing aid but still can't understand it right away, it will be a complicated and long process to regain the lost hearing memory bit by bit.

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