Does wearing headphones frequently to listen to music have any impact on your hearing?

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I really like to listen to music with headphones. Some time ago, I heard someone say that doing so will damage my hearing. In the long run, my hearing will be damaged, so I want to know whether listening to music with headphones regularly will affect my hearing. ?

Does frequently wearing headphones to listen to music have an impact on your hearing?

Frequently wearing headphones to listen to music may cause hearing damage. Moreover, if you often wear headphones to listen to music, it may also cause inflammation, and sometimes damage the eardrum, causing certain problems in sound conduction. It can damage your hearing, so it is not recommended to wear headphones for a long time.

Many people like to listen to a song quietly in their spare time, and they prefer to put on headphones to enjoy a moment of tranquility. Wearing headphones for a long time to listen to music will cause the sound to come into direct contact with the eardrum, which may cause adverse irritation to the ears over time, causing some strange and uncomfortable symptoms.

Sound is played in the headphones, and the ears receive the sound. The sound passes through the ear canal, causing the tympanic membrane to vibrate, and then is transmitted to the inner ear and transmitted to the brain by the auditory nerve. If you wear headphones to listen to music for a long time, especially when the volume is relatively high, the hair cells in the inner ear will be damaged, leading to hearing loss. More importantly, there is currently no way to regenerate inner ear hair cells. Many studies are ongoing, but no breakthrough has been made. Therefore, the damage to hearing is irreversible.

                          1. Hearing loss. When wearing headphones to listen to music, the volume received by the ears is often relatively loud, and almost all the volume will enter the ears, which will cause strong stimulation to the ears, and over time, hearing loss will occur.
2. Tinnitus. Wearing headphones to listen to music for a long time may cause chronic damage to hearing, resulting in tinnitus symptoms. If you have symptoms of tinnitus, you can use neurotrophic drugs under the guidance of a doctor, such as methylcobalamin, vitamin B1 and other drugs.
3. Lack of concentration. When using stereo headphones, the noise produced will have adverse effects on the brain and heart, and some symptoms of general discomfort may occur later, including dizziness, headache, palpitations, palpitations, and difficulty concentrating.
  4. Ear infection. Wearing headphones for a long time may increase the ability of bacteria to reproduce, making it easier to develop external auditory canal infections. Various symptoms such as ear skin swelling and pain may occur. Levofloxacin ear drops and other drugs need to be treated under the guidance of a doctor. , to avoid aggravation of infection symptoms.
5. Damage to the brain. Using headphones to listen to music for a long time, if the volume is turned up, will not only cause hearing loss, but also have adverse effects on the brain. Because long-term exposure to high-decibel stimulation will cause the destruction of vitamin A derivatives in the brain, brain growth will slow down, and memory will also decrease.

Please do not use headphones in noisy environments. This can cause serious damage to your ears. Secondly, use suitable headphones, such as in-ear or head-mounted headphones, preferably noise-canceling headphones. Also, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, and the time of wearing headphones should not exceed 60 minutes.