How to protect hearing if you have mild hearing loss?

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Hearing health is very important to everyone. Only with healthy hearing can we maintain normal life and work. However, in contemporary life, many people will suffer from hearing loss due to various reasons, which will have extremely adverse effects on the patient's physical and psychological aspects. Everyone must pay attention to protecting their hearing from the stimulation of adverse external factors. .

How should people with mild hearing loss take hearing protection measures?

Normal hearing is 10-25 decibels, and mild hearing loss is 26-40 decibels. In this case, it is recommended to use the following methods for hearing protection and prevention:

1. Avoid working and living in a noisy environment, and try to reduce noise exposure. For example, do not walk too close and cover your ears when setting off firecrackers.

2. Reduce the time you spend wearing headphones to listen to music and watch movies. Wear headphones for no more than half an hour at a time and do not adjust the volume too high below 60 decibels.

3. Check your hearing level regularly and do a good job of hearing monitoring.
4. Ototoxic drugs must be avoided as much as possible.
5. Pay attention to the hygiene of the ear canal. Do not use metal to pick out the ear to avoid damaging the ear canal wall and causing inflammation. Avoid filling the ear with water and causing otitis media.
6. Avoid hitting the head and palms and ears.
7. Do regular ear care exercises and develop good living habits and do not stay up late.

If hearing loss occurs, seek medical attention promptly to investigate the cause and provide symptomatic treatment. If the hearing loss is caused by outer and middle ear problems, the hearing will improve after treatment. If the hearing loss is caused by inner ear problems, vestibular aqueduct problems or Meniere's syndrome, the hearing will improve after treatment. Hearing caused by other reasons A decline is more difficult to recover from.

Hearing hair cells and nerve cells are only generated during embryonic development. Once damaged or lost, they cannot be regenerated. The bending or deflection of the cilia at the top of the hair cells is a characteristic of the stimulation by sound waves.The special reaction form is to convert mechanical energy into bioelectricity, causing the beginning of hair cell excitement. Hair cell damage Hair cell damage is one of the main causes of sensorineural hearing loss. When hair cells are damaged by external stimulation, they cannot spontaneously produce new hair cells, making the human ear unable to consciously repair hearing loss. It is recommended to have your hearing tested this morning. Once your hearing has declined, you should get a hearing aid this morning.

Having many ears is very important to people, because it is inseparable from people’s normal lives, so you must be careful not to hurt your ears. Protect your ears. In daily life, you should also pay attention to the maintenance of your ears, avoid listening to irritating noises, and try to stay in a non-noisy environment.