How to prevent water from entering the ears when taking a bath with otitis media?

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Nowadays, most people take showers, which can easily allow water to enter the ears. This often causes the bacteria inside the ears to increase, leading to infection and affecting ear health. To avoid inflammation, the best way is to prevent it in the first place. Protect your ears, prevent water from entering, and take every precaution to ensure good health.

How to prevent water from entering the ears when taking a bath with otitis media?

During the period of otitis media, parents should try to take a shower when bathing their children and avoid taking a tub bath to avoid accidentally getting water in their ears when taking a bath. When bathing their children, they can let the children wear rubber earplugs or use earphones. Plug a clean cotton ball into the external auditory canal. If water accidentally flows into the child's ear during bathing, you can wipe it gently with a clean cotton swab.

Various types of otitis media always attack babies. Because babies are difficult to describe symptoms such as earache, ear fullness or hearing loss, it is often easy to miss or misdiagnose clinically. Parents It is also easy to ignore and turn into chronic otitis media which is difficult to treat. Therefore, if your baby often exhibits some strange behaviors such as shaking his head and scratching his ears with his hands, the baby may have early stage of otitis media; if it is more severe, he will have a high fever and yellow fluid from his ears. Parents also need to pay attention to their baby's hearing performance on weekdays. If there is any abnormality, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid delaying treatment and aggravating the condition.

What to do if there is water in the ear
* Gently insert the cotton swab into the ear hole to suck out the water; On one side of the ear, press the ear with your palm to suck out the water;
* While pulling the outer ear with your hands, open and close your mouth;

* Use a plastic-tipped dropper to suck directly , it is best to find someone to do this for you, otherwise it is easy to hurt your ears; tilt your head to the side of the ear where the water enters, so that the ear hole is downward, use the foot on the same side to jump on one foot several times, and use the gravity of the water to let the water Flow out smoothly.

Suggestions: During the treatment of otitis media, you can eat soft foods, such as tofu, steamed egg custard, etc., and avoid eating irritating foods or chewing for a long time Food, children should be prevented from being exposed to noisy environments for a long time. When cleaning children's ears, avoid using materials that are too hard to avoid scratching the external auditory canal, such asMatchsticks, hairpins, keys, etc.

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