What should I do if my child has poor hearing? Will it affect speech?

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Every parent who has given birth to a baby in the hospital must have seen the nurse or doctor make the baby cry after delivering the baby. In addition to proving health, they also want to prove that there is no problem with the vocal cords. Some time after delivery, the nurse will come to test the child's hearing. If there is no problem, it can be basically judged that the child's listening and speaking abilities are normal.

What should I do if my child has poor hearing? Will it affect speech?

Definitely, a child’s hearing impairment will affect the child’s speech. Mild hearing impairment will lead to unclear speech, affect the child’s communication with others, inattention, learning difficulties and a series of other problems , and children mainly learn to speak by listening to other people’s voices. In severe cases, it will cause the child to become deaf and cause great trouble to the child's future life. Therefore, when children develop hearing impairment, they should be treated promptly.

Because of poor hearing, he cannot hear the correct sound made by the other party. He can only hear part of the sound, so he can only learn to hear the incomplete sound. The vocalization and language spoken are different from those of us normal people, that is, they are wrong. In mild cases, the words cannot be spoken clearly, and in severe cases, it is difficult for us normal people to understand. Especially when children are in the language learning stage, early intervention is necessary if their hearing is not good.

The impact of hearing impairment at different ages

1-3 years old
Generally speaking, if a child has hearing problems when he is 1-2 years old, then It is very likely that the child will not be able to receive language stimulation from the outside world, resulting in language barriers. Therefore, once parents discover that their children have hearing problems, they must go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment immediately to avoid missing the golden period of treatment.

4-6 years old
If a child develops hearing impairment when he is 5-6 years old, or even older, he may have unclear articulation, but he can still speak. At this time, the child can be given a hearing aid to help the child learn language. In addition, more importantly, it is necessary to build the child's confidence. Only in this way can the child regain the courage to speak.

There are many children with speech impairment due to hearing problems, and the conditions for receiving speech correction are also relatively strict. Restoring hearing is only a part of their rehabilitation.However, learning to speak and being able to communicate normally is one of the important conditions for them to reintegrate into society and gain rebirth in the future.

Three principles for the rehabilitation of hearing and speech disorders:
1. The time when deafness occurs, and the younger the age at which deafness occurs, the greater the impact on language formation;
2. The earlier the deafness occurs, the more severe the hearing loss and the more prominent the language barrier;
3. The language environment, rehabilitation education, and rehabilitation methods can all affect the formation and development of deaf children's language.

The child's hearing is not good for a lifetime, so the mother should help the child recover as soon as possible. If it is a congenital hearing impairment, there are many hearing technologies that can help children hear sounds. Now that conditions are getting better and better, we strive to restore children's hearing and hear more beautiful sounds in the world.

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